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The markers on the global map above are representative of Fisk completed project locations. Fisk resources allow us to work virtually anywhere your projects are located.

Fisk brings nearly one hundred years of continuous operation experience as an electrical and technology contractor to each project we undertake. We have never failed to complete a contract. In this long history of growth we have been involved in every aspect of electrical construction and electrical service and have completed thousands of projects.

Our expertise in the design development of electrical and technology systems for major projects spans a broad variety of project types including: commercial office buildings, sports arenas, hospitals, research laboratories, hotel/casinos, convention center hotels, and industrial facilities. We provide value-added participation with development teams including  contractors, engineers, architects and owners during the design phase and construction phase of projects.

Fisk staff consists of registered engineers, estimators and CAD operators to ensure the effectiveness of Fisk in the "team" concept. We use state of the art estimating software and three dimensional CAD drawings to estimate and coordinate our work with other building trades. This insures increased accuracy and speed with which estimates can be performed, a definite asset in pre-construction planning. Our state of the art software is integrated with our project management, procurement, and financial software assuring a smooth transition to the completion of the project.

Our estimating system is enhanced by a database of experienced labor units that have been measured on projects of various types for over 40 years. These labor units have been derived from labor analysis software that is a by-product of our payroll system. The labor analysis is used to monitor the productivity of the workforce against the estimated quantities and man hours to help us meet or beat the established budget. Because of this database we are able to provide accurate pricing with little information. We think this is a critical advantage during the planning and development of project scope. 



Electrical construction for commercial projects is the mainstay of Fisk’s business. We have an extensive resume of projects completed on time and in or under budget.

Please see our list of representative commercial projects completed by Fisk.




Fisk experience in Industrial electrical service and construction continues to grow in conjunction with the growth of the petrochemical and manufacturing industries all along the Gulf Coast.

Please see our list of representative industrial projects completed by Fisk.




Fisk started and operated a telephone company after the deregulation of the industry. We are thus very familiar with the reliability issues and electrical and data system needs of these facilities. We have used this knowledge to provide solutions for all types of structured wiring and data system needs. 

Please see our list of representative technology projects completed by Fisk.




Fisk provides building security design and installation. We have seen this business grow as security needs of our customers has grown. Secure systems including access control, camera, alarm systems, and remote monitoring systems are part of the solutions we can provide.  

Please see our list of representative security projects completed by Fisk.



Medical & Research

Fisk has provided over 180 million dollars of new electrical construction for medical and laboratory research facilities in the last five years alone.

Please see our list of representative medical and research facility projects completed by Fisk.



Hospitality / Gaming

Numerous major projects in Las Vegas have electrical installations provided by Fisk including MGM, Luxor Hotel & Casino, Venetian Hotel Casino, Turnberry Towers #3 and #4, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Wynn Hotel & Casino (Technologies Only),Palms Hotel & Casino, Marriott Timeshare (Towers #1 and #2), and  City Center.

Please see our list of representative hospitality and gaming facility projects completed by Fisk.




Fisk continues to be involved in university campus electrical service and new construction electrical for addition and replacement of campus facilities in each region of the country.  

Please see our list of representative education projects completed by Fisk.



Government / Military

Airport renovation and additions as well as medical facilities at military bases are part of Fisk installation and service history.

Please see our list of representative government and military projects completed by Fisk.



Aviation / Transportation

Electrical construction for Airport renovation and additions at commercial airports are part of Fisk current and recent project experience.

Please see our list of representative aviation projects completed by Fisk.



Data / Call Centers

Data Centers, Call Centers, Trading floors, control rooms, critical function facilities and security centers need reliable easily maintained and resilient electrical systems including standby and emergency power. Fisk has extensive experience in these types of facilities.

Please see our list of representative data and call center projects completed by Fisk.



Sports Facilities

Starting with Jeppesen Stadium (Houston Oilers) and including the Astrodome ( Oilers and Astros) , and Minute Maid Park ( Astros)  Fisk has provided new electrical construction for major league sports teams.

Please see our list of representative sports facility projects completed by Fisk.



Worship / Assembly

Fisk has an impressive resume of electrical construction provided for buildings for worship including the new Co-Cathedral in Houston.

Please see our list of representative worship and assembly projects completed by Fisk.



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