Over 100 years ago, John R. Fisk powered up something big. Armed with cowboy boots, twenty-five dollars and a lucky pin, our founder had the vision to create what is now an industry leading provider of one-stop, turnkey building solutions.

To be precise, Fisk Electric Company has grown into a leading electrical services and structured cabling systems provider that supports a single-source for design, installation and continuous maintenance of integrated building technology solutions.  We owe our culture for quality and our current success to over a century of hard work and entrepreneurial spirit; all beginning with a man working out of his father’s shed in Houston, TX.

At Fisk, we take pride in our past, are committed to our present and look forward to our future. During our storied history, we have gained experience on virtually every building type and unusual site condition in every region of the country.  We’ve brought our expertise in electrical and low voltage systems to numerous notable buildings across the country. In fact, from 1940 to 1970, Fisk had a hand in the majority of the significant skyscrapers built in downtown Houston. During the 1960’s and 70’s Fisk Line Company powered up the Gulf Coast. The Fisk Telephone Company helped bring people closer together all across the Southwest in the 1970’s. The 90’s saw Fisk expand to Las Vegas and Miami to become a dominate provider to the sky line in both cities.  In 2011 Fisk expanded to California and quickly became an industry leader in mass transit projects.  In order to maintain industry leadership, Fisk has expanding services and geography to adapt to the market conditions and customer demands.

The Fisk tradition of quality work and industry leadership is deeply rooted in our history and will live on long into the future.