Employment FAQs

Q. What if I am called for an interview?

A. If you are called to come in for an interview you will generally meet with the hiring manager and in certain cases, a representative of the Human Resources Department. Certain positions may also require skills testing that will be arranged through the Human Resources Department. If all goes well, you may anticipate meeting with several other individuals before a final hiring decision is made. This may require more than one visit. A pre-employment background check and drug test is required prior to any offer of employment.

Q. I saw an ad for an open position. What is the salary range?

A. Fisk and its subsidiaries offer competitive compensation including participation in its annual incentive plan. Salaries will vary depending on a variety of pre-requisites such as education, skills, years of experience and location. If you have a specific salary expectation, please state this on your cover letter which should be attached to your resume. Annual incentive plan payments are discretionary and are based on your performance, the performance of your division, and the performance of the Company.

Q. I submitted my resume a few days ago. How long will it take before I receive a response?

A. All inquiries will be responded to by the Human Resources Department within three (3) days of receipt. Should a currently available position match well with your qualifications, you may be contacted to set up an interview.

Q. Do you have any part-time jobs?

A. Dependent upon the current needs of a Department,
several areas of the Company may offer part-time employment such as summer hires, interns, etc.

Q. I’ve heard that the Company has a casual dress code. Is that true?

A. Fisk wants all of its employees to be comfortable at work yet look professional. As such, casual business attire is acceptable in most office situations.